"Endless possibilities"

Professional Sound

Whether your needs are a traditional PA system for your office or the installation of acoustically advanced system for your House , C. V. R. NETWORKS can design, install and support your needs.

Audio Systems

• Paging Systems
• Foreground/Background Music

Commercial Sound

From schools and restaurants to shopping malls and the workplace - clear, intelligible sound for paging, background music and emergency notification is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life. At C.V.R. , we've recognized the expanded role of today's sound systems, as well as the extra responsibilities associated with that new role.

Video Services

Web based video services can be used to remotely and cost-effectively monitor and protect all your valuable asset. You may want to Secure multiple sites with the help of alarm information and video motion detection or provide remote product demonstrations and consultations from anywhere in the world! We can even help broadcast live images on Web sites for promotion purposes!!

Imagine the possibilities...

Integrated Whole-House Video Distribution System

Whole house Video distribution systems traditionally have been systems that distribute your cable TV to TV sets in different parts of your house. We use RG-6 quad shielded coax cable in our installations, since it is the highest quality cable, and it has the best noise rejection capabilities. We also run two cables to every location. This allows flexibility and expansion to be built into the system. Today, video distribution systems are capable of distributing other video sources (Security cameras, Satellite, VCR, or DVD) to some or all rooms in your home.

Building premise cable systems now must support and integrate voice, data, video, security, distributed sound, wireless technology and environmental controls. 

C. V. R. NETWORKS strives to meet the latest trends in these emerging fields...