Live the Future Today!

Delivers convenience and luxury
By placing your home at your fingertips

  • Use your existing computer!
  • Use your current High-speed Internet Connection!
Web-enabled, affordable, and user-friendly, PROPER HOME AUTOMATION allows your computer to automatically control and monitor your appliances, home theater system, thermostat, lamps, sprinklers... almost anything, while you're at home, at work, or traveling abroad.
 Home Monitor
  • Manage your home from anywhere using the Internet
  • Receive text-message notification of any abnormal events
  • Create dramatic scenes that you activate at the touch of a button
  • Watch your step! Maintain safety with automatic lighting 
  • Turn off all lights at bedtime with one button
 Personal Assistant
  • Keep track of your family's busy schedule with an integrated calendar
  • Be reminded with email or text messages on your cell phone 
  • Maintain your address book with a photo for each entry 
  • Having a party? Easily group people for invitations and more 
  • Keep track of chores to do for the entire family
  • Store your shopping list - retrieve it before leaving work
 Information Source
  • Automatically retrieve weather forecast for up to 5 zip codes
  • Never miss a TV show or movie 
  • Stay up to date with automatic stock downloads
  • Was that an earthquake? Press a button to see
  • Get instant traffic information for your local area
  • Jump to local entertainment and restaurant web sites