Our goal is to effectively deliver quality communication services to our customers and fulfill our stewardship role for residential, commercial, industrial & institutional communication resources.

C. V. R. provides a wide range of voice, video and data communication services. C. V. R. also provides the wiring and infrastructure necessary to support these services. The primary purpose of C. V. R. is to provide these services in a reliable way with a level of quality that meets or exceeds our customers expectations.

As a SIEMON and ORTRONICS CERTIFIED DESIGNER AND INSTALLER of structured wired networks , you can be assured that your communications network is in quality hands...

Separate voice & data services - historically private business telephone and computer systems have been based on autonomous networks managed independently of each other.

Voice Services - are generally phone systems with local dial tone, long distance services, and point-point analog services.

Data services - generally include Internet connectivity, VPN's, Wide Area Networks, Co-locations, converged networks, video and more.

Shared voice and data network - Sharing network bandwidth is now normal practice. This option statically segments and shares the available network bandwidth between the voice and data requirements. The voice system still uses existing PABX technology, telephones and systems, networked together over the shared network.

C. V. R. NETWORKS assists clients in determining how the data network (LAN) and Telephone POTS lines utilizing the same T1 circuit, to obtain both high- speed Internet and telephone connectivity. This allows bandwidth to be used as efficiently as possible and enables other cost savings and efficiencies - savings in staff maintenance, adds, moves and changes.

C. V. R. is Your Partner for Service Assurance Every minute of everyday...

WE will Maintain Current Networks and Support Future Growth every step of the way...